The origin of the project germinated in the mind of its founder, Mathieu Deleignies, when he heard of a recent event : the wreck of Bugaled Breizh on January 15th, 2004. This 24 meters- long Breton trawler sank in a few seconds off Cape Lizard and took 5 members of the crew with it.

The work of the sailors is considered as one of the most dangerous with one death in every thousand sailors in the world, making up 10% of all accidents on the job. To protect the life of a crew and its vessel is essential. So Mathieu Deleignies had the idea of developing a system of immediate pyrotechnic severing of the cables of the fishing equipment from the optimization of a pyrotechnic wire rope cutter.

NEREUS Technologies is a company spread out by the CEA (French government-funded technological research organisation), which twice won the prize of the National Competition of support to creation of innovative companies. This competition is organized by the Ministry delegated to Higher Education and Research with the cooperation of the National Agency of Research (ANR) and OSEO.

NEREUS Technologies commits itself to creating a safe environment for workers at sea.
Our skills

Technologies uses the techniques and knowledge of the CEA in the field of pyrotechnics. In designing our products we apply the most reliable and the most demanding scientific calculations.

We also have partnerships with laboratory schools for our needs of R*D.

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